Who We Are

Aqualumos are a team of entrepreneurs and thinkers who share a common passion to preserve the planet for future generations. The below write-ups will tell you a little more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Nikolas Franceschi-Hofmann, Founder and CEO

Niko graduated from University of Connecticut with dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Business Administration. Aqualumos was conceived during his senior design project where he worked on the problem of eliminating PFAS in water using photo-catalysis.

John Grasso, CTO

John graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a B.S. in chemical engineering and is currently pursuing a chemical engineering PhD at the University of Connecticut. His research and expertise focuses on reactor design, computational fluid dynamics, and material characterization. As CTO his work is directed towards advancing degradation research, improving reactor design, and developing our technology.

John is passionate about leaving a positive impact in the world. Utilizing science and technology to drive progress in creating a sustainable Earth for future generations to prosper.

Gabrielle Conrad-Amlicke, Founder and CMO

Gabrielle has an advanced understanding of social welfare - the intersectionality of public policies, political contexts, gender, environmental justice, and social systems - that promote legislative policies and customer-centricity. She is a critical thinker who supports program / project development, in addition to professional skills in her ability to leverage resources and create digital communication media for local and global scales.

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca is a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in chemical engineering. She has research experience in organic chemistry and membrane separations as well as an interest in environmental sustainability. Through her work at Aqualumos she hopes to contribute to the solution for cleaner water.

Sri Divakaruni, Partner & Commercialization Advisor

Sri is Head of Business Development at Xinova, a global network innovation consulting firm. He is on the Advisory Board for several startups. Previously, he was Senior Director of Innovation Business Development at United Technologies Corporation for 7 years, where he was responsible for monetizing UTC's Intellectual Property and defining new growth opportunities. Prior to this, he spent 24 years at IBM in various engineering and leadership roles.

Sri's goals are to leverage technology and business innovation as enablers in creating sustained, differentiated value in solutions for clients, and when possible, to humanity at large.

Dr. Jeffrey McCutcheon, Strategic Technical Advisor

Dr. McCutcheon is a leading expert in membrane separation technologies. He is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, President of the North American Membrane Society, and Executive Director of the Fraunhofer USA Center for Energy Innovation.

Vijay Jayachandran, Partner

Vijay is a seasoned executive who brings 20+ years of product and operations expertise from prior roles at United Technologies Corporation. He has extensive experience in leading teams and programs through the entire product life cycle of concept, design, manufacturing, installation and service.

Vijay has a passion for connecting technology to tangible business outcomes, with specific interest in infrastructure solutions that help humanity.

Contact us

Please email us directly at: info@aqualumos.com