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Case Studies

West Virginia: The lawyer who became DuPont's worst nightmare. New York Times Magazine, Jan 6, 2016

West Virginia: The Teflon toxin. The Intercept, Aug 20, 2015

West Virginia: Dark Waters. Focus Features, Oct 29, 2019

Minnesota: 3M knew about the dangers of PFOA and PFOS decades ago, internal documents show. The Intercept, July 31, 2018

Minnesota: Cancer linked chemicals manufactured by 3M are showing up in drinking water. Bloomberg, Nov 2, 2018

New York: PFOA water pollution in Hoosick Falls. Times Union, Dec 29, 2016

Michigan: Michigan has more PFAS sites than other states. There's a reason., Aug 26, 2019

Michigan: How a community group in Michigan took PFAS national. Sierra, Jan 4, 2020


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