Our Technology Eliminates Toxic PFAS from Water

Aqualumos is

Developing photocatalysis based technologies that break down toxic PFAS and eliminate them from the ecosystem.

Our technology protected by a patent pending, with additional patents in the pipeline

There are other solutions on the market that can filter out PFAS from water. However, these solutions do not destroy the PFAS and generate a new waste stream in the form of toxic sludge or impregnated media. These must be disposed off either in landfills, from where the PFAS can leach into the groundwater, or via incineration, which could end up putting the chemical back into the atmosphere. What you end up with is an endless cycle where PFAS moves from one medium to the other but never leaves the ecosystem. Our approach aims to end this endless cycle.

Work With Us

We are pursuing an aggressive timeline for technology development and production readiness. If you are an investor that is interested in supporting us, or a manufacturing partner who would like to license our technology, please contact us immediately at info@aqualumos.com