Geyser Remediation, LLC

Our Mission

To clean contaminated water by destroying toxic chemicals, thus allowing us to actually prevent preventable illnesses.

What We Do

PFAS are everywhere: We design systems to remediate emerging contaminants in drinking water with a focus on PFAS...

All this means is that we can remove a harmful substance that is currently likely to be in your drinking water

Our Product

An integrative system for water utilities to remediate PFASs in drinking water, cost-effectively reaching Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs)

Our Goals

PFAS affect human health: We believe more people should know about PFAS health-risks. Your health is most important to us...

So, simply put, our goal is to ensure that PFAS never reach your faucet.

Meet Our Team



CEO, Co-Founder

Chemical Engineering & Business Management



COO, Co-Founder

Business Management

Brendan MacIntyre

CTO, Co-Founder

Chemical Engineering



CMO, Co-Founder

Public Outreach & Social Welfare

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Our Advisory Board

Dr. Jeffery McCutcheon

Strategic Technical Adviser

PFAS Remediation Researcher and Professor at University of Connecticut

Sri Divakaruni

Partner and Commercialization Advisor

Former Senior Director of Innovation Business Development at UTC

Former Business Development Executive at IBM